AN Adults can learn a new language. You may not be a kid, but as an adult you can do things differently to help you learn a new language.

Adults have a better grasp at learning

I feel that as an adult you have a better understanding on what it is you have to learn to accomplish your goal. For instance if you are learning on your own, you get to choose which phrases or words are important to you. Those words are the words that you want to learn, nobody is telling you what you have to learn.

You as an adult have a better grasp at learning because you have a lifetime of experience that will help you understand the subtleties of a language. Is what being said a joke, are they being sarcastic, was it meant to be hurtful?

Body language is also a factor that adults have a better grasp at than say kids. You may not know all there is to know about body language, but you can tell how a person is feeling by how they say their words. This will help you learn words and put them into context.

Adults learn differently than kids

You may feel that kids have an advantage over adults when it comes to learning a new language. When babies are learning to speak for the first time, or older kids learning the family language, they have a constant tutor with them. I’m talking about their family always by their side correcting their language. 

In that respect kids got it made. Maybe their egos are not fully developed and they aren’t as afraid to make mistakes. Plus having someone always by your side to correct those mistake is sure a big help. I have heard stories of adult learners who were lucky to have found a tutor who not let them get away with sloppy language speaking.

Kids learn their new language by interaction with family and friends, and adults its mostly by textbooks. In this respect, we should learn like kids and interact with others and make language mistakes.

Adults can implement more strategies to learn

Adults can implement their own strategies to learn a new language. It’s much easier as an adult to join groups of people who are interested in a new language. Adults can arrange their own time better, that will allow them to study. Adults have access to their own income that will allow them to sign up for language learning classes and courses. 

Our brains never stop learning

It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you are practicing your target language then you are learning. Sure, there are different ways to learn, but we never stop learning.

You can teach an old dog new tricks. I remember teaching my grandma how to work television remote, and actually she learned faster and better than my mom.

It is possible to learn a new language

Adults learn differently than kids. Adults can have a different set of motivational skill sets that allow them to want to learn. It maybe a trip to a foreign country, a favorite foreign movie, a visit from a foreign relative.




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