It takes time to study and learn a new language. How can you find more time? Aren’t you busy enough as it is? Let’s try to find some extra time for you.

What time do you wake up?

Believe me I know how precious sleep can be and it seems like most days we don’t get enough sleep. But are you serious about studying a new language? Try waking up just 15 minutes earlier than normal and get to that new language.

15 minutes is plenty of time to learn, or at least familiarize yourself with a new grammar pattern or sentence structure. It is also plenty of time to learn new vocabulary words in your target language.

If you have to go bed earlier so you have time in the morning then do it. This is what I have personally done. I much prefer to study in the morning. I actually feel awake and more energized in the morning than I do in the evening hours. Honestly a cup of coffee also helps.

Put away devices that take up your time.

mobile phone in hand

Put down your phone and grab your flashcards, or grab your textbook. Resist the temptation to update your status on social media. Don’t waste time posting about how you are going to study for a new language, just go ahead and start studying.

Replace the time that you would normally check out what is going on in the web to checking out new words in your target language.

Turn off the television set. Some people I know said they feel more comfortable studying with the television set on, but if you only have limited time, then it’s time to focus on your studies.

We wait around a lot…just waiting.

waiting in line

I had a teacher once tell me she studied at every red light she would be stuck at. She would grab her flashcards and check them out while she waited for the green light. I actually did this as well, since I had my cards with me. I would just take a quick glance at a vocabulary word and just repeat it while I was waiting.

I also carried a language book with me and whenever I had to wait somewhere I would make sure to check out some new information. I remember waiting at the mechanics while my car was being attended to and I was studying adjectives and adverbs.

I have heard of people who are waiting in line at the grocery store or bank and they grab their flashcards and get some little study time in there as well. This sort of sounded ridiculous to me, but thinking about it, we really do spend time just waiting in line. Time that we could learn another new vocabulary word.

Have a dedicated study time.

study time

In actuality the best way find time is allot yourself a dedicated slot time devoted to only your studies. It may not be every day that you can set apart some time to study. If it is just once a week you can study, then set that time aside and only study don’t do anything else.






The time is ours to do as we wish.

Do you wish to learn a new language? Then you can find the time. Those little few minutes at the red light, and the time standing in line or waiting at the mechanics can really add up. Include these snippets of study with your dedicated study time that you have set aside and your will progress in your language.





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