There are many ways to learn a new language, and I was trying to think of some of the fun ways that I have done in the past. I have to be honest that in some of the examples below it helps to have a friend who is already fluent in your target language.

Go out with your friends who speak your new language.

Okay going out with friends is always fun and hopefully you have a friend who speaks the language you want to learn. I used to go out to eat with my friends about once a month. Fortunately for me a lot of them spoke the language I was trying to learn and am still learning quite frankly.

It was not a time for intensive studying, but a super casual setting and it was okay for me to try out new phrases and ask questions. I wasn’t spending the whole evening making sure I got quality studying, but rather just having fun.

We would have normal dinner conversation and I would ask questions like oh, how do you say that in Japanese? A simple translation was all that was needed and sometimes it would stick with me for a long time. I can remember asking how do you say can I borrow your pen and yeah I still remember that.

Playing games are fun, and you can learn.

I did have this one friend who spoke my target language and one time I asked if she wanted to play a game. It was an easy game that I had downloaded on my tablet and we played.

Now the thing was that as we were playing the game just for fun I would ask her how do I say “It’s your turn” in Japanese. So the next time it was her turn I would say it in Japanese. Again it wasn’t super heavy learning it was just having fun playing a game.

It did take a little longer than normal because I was writing down all of her translations that she was providing. It’s your turn, you have one more to go, no that’s not a good idea, thank you for a good game and so on. So I was learning and having fun and she was teaching and having fun.

Make a fun skit.

I had watched a video online about a couple going out on a date and it was a language learning video. So the phrases were simple and to the point. I wrote down part of the skit so that I could practice on my own.

I had another friend who I showed my notes to and he pointed out some things about the conversation. He wrote down other phrases that sounded more natural, or less formal among friends.

The fun part was that he was willing to read the lines for one character as I read the lines for other character. I wasn’t actually allowed to follow along with my notes, he wanted me to try my best without notes. It wasn’t a long script by any means, just a couple of lines each.

But it was fun, I since then had tried to come up with other scenarios in my head that would be a normal everyday conversation among people.

Language apps that are games as well can be fun.

I realize the above tips involved someone who already spoke the language you want to learn, but another fun way is to check out the many language apps out there. There was this one app I used and sorry I don’t remember it, but it was a way to remember vocabulary words and it was all set up as a game. The game was basic and it consisted on mainly recognizing words in your target language before the timer would end. This was fun for me because it really was like playing a game. I remember one of the levels in the game had to do with remembering the names of different types of vegetables.

It doesn’t have to be hardcore study all the time, just have fun.

Just have fun with your language journey. If your not into strict textbook learning, then maybe being casual and having fun with friends is more of your thing. Don’t forget to check out all the apps that are games cause that can certainly break up the monotony of textbook learning.

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