I completely understand when someone says that they don’t know how to start to learn a new language. It can seem sort of overwhelming, so many choices out there. Do you take a class, buy a book, sign up online, hire a tutor, etc.

startWell, honestly my advice is to just start anywhere you feel comfortable. Maybe get a book from the library any book in your target language and just start there. I would even suggest to not start at the beginning of the book. Yes, just start by flipping through the pages and check out some phrases that capture your attention. Don’t worry about grammar or even pronunciation just yet.

There is so much to learn and it can seem daunting. When I first started out learning Japanese I made my own flash cards, one side English and the other side Japanese but in romaji (writing Japanese but using our alphabet). I don’t recommend using romaji by the way.

I had about 50 or so cards and the phrases that I had written were the usual customary greetings. How are you, what is your name and so on. It was just a start and it was just for me no one else was going to benefit by me doing this. I got the phrases off a book I purchased at a college bookstore. These days with the internet and all you don’t even need a book to start. I like books so that’s why I did that.

It really is a step by step process and if you stick with it you probably wont realize how far you’ve come.

What languages are y’all into?

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